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Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights. Tundra TravelSpecial offer!

This Greenland Expedition includes 9 nights aboard Antarctic Dream. It starts and ends in Akureyri, Iceland. We will sail along the East Greenland fjords and the Aurora Borealis will be our traveling companion.

Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights.

Day 1 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

Arrive in Longyearbyen, on Spitsbergen, the administrative capital of the Spitsbergen archipelago of which West Spitsbergen is the largest island. Before embarking there is an opportunity to visit this former mining village. The Parish Church and the Polar Museum are well worth visiting. In the early evening the ship will sail out of Isfjorden. Welcome to the Arctic! Your Greenland expedition has begun!


Day 2 & 3 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

At sea, on our way to Greenland, we may see the edge of the East Greenland sea-ice. We keep watch for whales, and also for migrating seabirds.


Day 4 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

We land in Antarcticahavn, a wide and extensive valley where we also could see groups of Musk Oxen. At this time of year the autumnal colours of the sparse vegetation make the landscapes even more beautiful.


Day 5 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

Today we reach the Scoresby Sund and sail in the morning along the ragged and glaciated Volquart Boons Here we may organise a zodiac cruise along one of the glacier fronts of this coast, and have our first landing near for instance Maane Glacier. Later we land on Danmark,Ø where we find the remains of an Inuit settlement abandoned around 200 years ago. The circular ‘tent rings’ of stones indicate the summer houses, while the winter houses can be seen closer to a small cape. The sites are excellently preserved, allowing entrances and even bear-proof meat caches to be identified. There are also grave sites. In the evening we continue our sailing through the beautiful fjords to the west, choked with ice-bergs.


Day 6 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

We go ashore at Cape Hofmann Halvø, a reliable spot for viewing Musk Oxen. We may also spot Rock Ptarmigans and Great Northern Divers at sea. The landscape here is particularly beautiful, especially during autumn when the Dwarf Willow and Dwarf Birch change colour. Arctic Blueberry and Crowberry add their own colourful touch - the berries are tasty too! In the evening we sail through the fjord towards Scoresby Land, enjoying the contrast between the warm autumnal colours of the vegetation on shore, backed by huge dark mountains, and the cold blue of the icebergs.


Day 7 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

In Northwest fjord in Scoresby Land in the morning, we encounter huge icebergs, some over 100m high and more than a kilometre in length. Most of the bergs are grounded as the fjord is only about 400m deep here. We land near Sydkap to view the remains of the Thule culture winter houses. As many as 20 people lived in these tiny houses, hunting Greenland Whales and using their vertebrae to build the houses. We may also land at Gurreholm on Jameson Land. The landscape here is gently undulating.


Day 8 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

In the afternoon we land at Illoqqortoormiut, the biggest settlement in the Scoresby Sund with about 500 inhabitants. At the post office you can buy stamps for your postcards, or just wander around to see the sledge dogs and the drying skins of Seal, Musk Ox and Polar Bear. In the evening we will sail south passing the amazing landscape of the Blosseville Coast


Day 9 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

We will spend the whole day at sea and we will have splendid opportunities to see large whales and seabird migration and, in the night, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).


Day 10 Greenland Expedition: Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights

In the morning we arrive in Akureyri and are taken by a chartered bus during a 6 hours drive through North Iceland to our hotels in Reykjavik. End of our Greenland Expedition.



Dates and rates Scoresby Sund & Northern Lights – Greenland expedition 2016:









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2.900 €

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All rates are quoted per person, in EURO, based on twin occupancy and subject to availability at time of booking.



Included in the Greenland Expedition rate:

Voyage aboard the designated vessel as indicated in the itinerary.

All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship including snacks, coffee and tea.

Free use of rubber boots and snowshoes aboard Plancius.

All shore excursions and activities throughhout the voyage by Zodiac.

Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership by experienced expedition staff.

All miscelaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program.

Comprehensive pre-departure material.


Not included in the Greenland Expedition rate:

Any airfare.

Baggage, cancellation and personal insurance (mandatory).

Pre and post land arrangements.

Transfers airport – hotel – pier.

Passport and visa expenses.

Government arrival and departure taxes.

Meals ashore.

Excess baggage charges and telecommunication charges.

Customary gratuity at the end of the voyages for stewards and other service personnel aboard (guidelines will be provided).

Fuel surcharge.

Any other service not specified in paragraph “Included in the Greenland Expedition rate”.

Please note that you should regard this itinerary as a guide only; our exact route and program varies according to the weather conditions we encounter. Flexibility is the key to success for all polar expeditions.

Wildlife and good weather conditions are not guarantee.

The chances that the sea-ice will allow us to sail into the Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord and Scoresby Sund in September (based on experiences from 1992 until 2010) is about 90 %. In case we can not sail into the Scoresby Sund we will resort to a program in the East Greenland fjords more to the south.

Tour duration:

11 days, 10 nights.

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Group size:

Maximum 84 passengers.

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