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Polar expedition vessel. Expeditions to Antarctica and Arctic.


The Quest was built in Denmark in 1992 and served in Greenland as an ice-strengthened passenger vessel (iceclass 1 D). It flies the Bahamian Flag and complies with the SOLAS (Safety-Of-Life-At-Sea) requirements.


The Quest is a cosy vessel, offering an informal and intimate atmosphere, and accomodates 23 passenger cabins, all with private toilet and shower, as follows:

4 Quadruple cabins with bunk beds

11 Twin cabins with windows with 2 lower beds

9 Superior cabins with with either 2 lower beds or 1 double bed.


The Quest offers a restaurant/lecture room on deck 5 and a spacious observation lounge (with bar) on deck 5 with large windows, offering full panorama view.


The Quest is manned by 13 nautical crew, 11 catering staff, 1 doctor and 4 expedition staff (1 expedition leader and 3 guides/lecturers).


Length: 50 meters / 160 feet

Breadth: 11 meters / 35,2 feet

Draft: 3,50 meters / 11,2 feet

Ice class: 1D

Displacement: 1180 tonnes

Engines: MAN / B & W, 1470 KW

Speed: 10 - 12,5 Knots

Passengers: 56

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