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Rembrandt Van Rijn

The Rembrandt van Rijn was originally built as a herring lugger.


The Rembrandt van Rijn was rebuilt as a three-masted passenger sailing schooner in The Netherlands in 1994 and sailed in Spitsbergen (1994 – 1996) and in Galápagos (1998 - 2001).


The Rembrandt van Rijn underwent a complete rebuilding and refurbishment program in 2011. The communication and navigation equipment has been completely renewed according to the latest SOLAS regulations.


The Rembrandt van Rijn measures 56 meters in length (168 ft.), 7 meters in width and has a draft of 2, 5 meters.


The maximum engine speed is 9 knots.


The Rembrandt van Rijn has an experienced crew of 12 on board including two tour guides.


The Rembrandt van Rijn can accommodate a maximum of 32 passengers in 16 cabins:

1 Triple Private cabin with porthole (with shower and toilet).

6 Twin Private Inside cabins (with shower and toilet, no porthole).

9 Twin Private cabins (with shower and toilet and porthole).


The general interior public areas include a spacious restaurant area, so that all meals can be taken together, as well as separate bar area and reading table area


There is room to relax, read and socialize.


The Rembrandt van Rijn is well suited for expedition cruising among small islands and offers excellent open deck viewing areas, even when under sail. The two inflatable rubber crafts (zodiacs) enable landing and wildlife viewing opportunities in otherwise inaccessible areas.

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