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Antarctica Expeditions: Antarctica Peninsula ITundra Travel

We visit the Antarctica during our polar expeditions, between October and March.


The trip takes often between 10 and 12 days.


During our antarctic expeditions we mainly visit the Antarctica and the South Shetland Islands.


Depending on when the journey is, the voyage can include the Weddell sea or we can head south of the Antarctica Peninsula.


We also visit South Georgia Islands, the Falkland Islands, South Sandwich Islands and South Orkney Islands.


We get the Antarctica from Ushuaia, by ship, or from Punta Arenas, by plane. We land in the South Shetlands Islands and from there we visit the Antarctic Peninsula onboard a ship.

  • Leopard seal

    Leopard seal

  • Zodiac cruise

    Zodiac cruise

  • Weddell Seal

    Weddell Seal

  • Blue-eyed Shag

    Blue-eyed Shag

  • Paradise Bay

    Paradise Bay

  • Port Charcot

    Port Charcot

  • Port Lockroy

    Port Lockroy

  • Chinstrap penguins

    Chinstrap penguins

  • Canal de Lemaire

    Canal de Lemaire

  • Crabeater Seal

    Crabeater Seal

  • Neko Harbour

    Neko Harbour

  • Cuverville Island

    Cuverville Island

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