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We visit the Flakland Islands during our antarctica expeditions, between November and March.


We also offer selfdrive tours.


We can reach the Falklands by ship, from Ushuaia, and by plane, from Punta Arenas with LAN Chile or from Brize Norton with the RAF.

  • Port Stanley

    Port Stanley

  • Port Stanley

    Port Stanley

  • Farm at Falkland Islands

    Farm at Falkland Islands

  • Rockhopper penguin

    Rockhopper penguin

  • Dry landing with zodiacs

    Dry landing with zodiacs

  • Ducks


  • Magaellanic penguins

    Magaellanic penguins

  • Cara cara

    Cara cara

  • Magaellanic penguins

    Magaellanic penguins

  • Gentoo penguins

    Gentoo penguins

  • Carcass Bay

    Carcass Bay

  • Rockhopper penguins

    Rockhopper penguins

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