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Spitsbergen (Arctic)Tundra Travel

Spitsbergen is the biggest island of Svalbard archipelago.

With its rugged mountains, sweeping tundra, ice-caps and glaciers, Spitsbergen is still today a virtually unspoilt wilderness with abundant wildlife.


We visit Spitsbergen between June and September. The trip consists on circunnavigate Spitsbergen aboard a sailling yacht or aboard an expedition cruise. The expedition takes around 10 and 15 days.


  • Walruses


  • Arctic desert

    Arctic desert

  • Hornsund


  • West coast Spitsbergen

    West coast Spitsbergen

  • Polar bear

    Polar bear

  • Blue whale

    Blue whale

  • Brunnich Guillemot

    Brunnich Guillemot

  • Glaciar calving

    Glaciar calving

  • Arctic tern

    Arctic tern

  • Aerial view Spitsbergen

    Aerial view Spitsbergen

  • North coast Spitsbergen

    North coast Spitsbergen

  • 14 July Glacier

    14 July Glacier

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