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Ontario is home of Canada's capital city, Ottawa, and of Canada's largest city, Toronto. As well as the Niagara Falls, a must do when you visit the eastern coast of Canada


Located on the eastern coast of Canada, Ontario is Canada's most populous province, highlighted by the sheer size and energy of its two largest cities, Ottawa and Toronto.


Ottawa is Canada's capital city. There you can admire the imposing gothic-style Parliament Buildings, Peace Tower, Confederation Square (site of the National War Memorial) and the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Among Ottawa's many museums and galleries are the Museum of Civilization, our favourite one and a visit that we highly recommend.


Toronto is Canada's largest city and is widely regarded as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities on the continent, in part due to its huge influx of immigrants.


Toronto has countless galleries, museums and shops, all against the backdrop of both heritage buildings (such as Old City Hall, built in 1899) and innovative modern architecture (such as the CN Tower)


The far north and west of Ontario is a largely uninhabited wilderness of lakes, swamps and forests.


Throughout Ontario are 5 national parks and 330 provincial parks. And, surreal as it may seem when compared to the province's urban centres, there are parts of Ontario where you can see more polar bears than humans.


Ontario is also a province of water, bordering four of the five 'Great Lakes' of North America.


And between Ontario's most popular destinations you'll find Niagara Falls, located partly in Ontario and partly in New York State, USA. The falls provide a snapshot of nature at its most phenomenal.


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