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Located in the western coast of Canada and part of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is one of the best places to observe whales and bears in their native wild habitat.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is the biggest Island in British Columbia. Located in southwest British Columbia, Georgia Sound divides it from the city of Vancouver.


Vancouver Island is famous for its abundant wildlife, which makes it one of the best places in Canada for the observation of whales of different species (fin, minke, humpback and orcas) and brown and grizzly bears.



Southern Vancouver Island.

On southern Vancouver Island, you will find Victoria, capital city of British Columbia. Amongst the main attractions of the city, you will find the University of Victoria, Beacon Hill, Park Royal British Columbia Museum, Thunderbird Park, the Parliament buildings, the district of Oak Bay and the neighborhood of Uplands are places you shouldn't miss!


Not too far from Victoria, you will find the most beautiful gardens in British Columbia: Butchart Gardens, with 24 hectares of plants of different species.



The center of Vancouver Island.

In this area of Vancouver Island, you will find Strathcona and McMillan Provincial Parks, and also Pacific Rim National Park.


Strathcona Provincial Park is the oldest provincial park in British Columbia.


McMillan Provincial Park is famous for its rain forest at Cathedral Grove.


In Pacific Rim National Park you will be amazed by its numerous deserted islands, steep cliffs, large sandy beaches, abundant marine wildlife that inhabits its waters and finally its temperate and dense rainforests that runs along nearly the entire park.


Other spots are also worth visiting! You shouldn't miss Quadra and Valdez Islands, located at Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park.



Northern Vancouver Island.


Unlike southern Vancouver Island, in the North of Vancouver Island, the density of bear and whale populations is higher than the human population density.


Can you imagine enjoying a kayak tour and being close to a group of orcas? In northern Vancouver Island, it’s not just a possibility, it’s an actuality!


Would you like to camp on one of the untouched islands in the north of Vancouver Island? What about relaxing under the starry sky of British Columbia while listening to orcas approaching the bay. Contact us and we will provide you with information (service free of any commitment).



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