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The main urban core of Hudson Bay is Churchill, a small village with barely 1.000 inhabitants and located northeast of Wapsuk National Park

Hudson Bay

Located north of the province of Manitoba, within the boundaries of the Arctic Circle, Hudson Bay is the best place in Canada to watch polar bears in freedom and in their natural habitat.


Such is the amount of polar bears that each year meet in the Hudson Bay, that it is even known as "Polar Bear Capital of the World".


October and November are the best dates for their observation, coinciding with the moment when hundreds of polar bears wait in the wide peninsula for the waters of the Hudson Bay to freeze and, thus, they can hunt their first source of food, ringed seals.


Polar bear tours are carried out on special buses, modified for our safety and comfort and known as tundra buggies.


It is also possible to stay in an ecolodge, in the middle of the migration route of the polar bears. The ecolodge are perfectly conditioned for the observation of polar bears and staying here will allow you to be in contact with nature for many more hours, which in turn translates into many more possibilities of polar bear watching.


From the ecolodge we also plan excursions on foot, always guided by professional experts who will keep alert for your safety... remember that you are in the "Polar Bear Capital of the World" and polar bears are carnivorous.


Hudson Bay is also known as the "Beluga Capital of the World". And during the months of July and August thousands of belugas migrate to the warm waters of the Churchill River estuary to breeding, offering us wonderful opportunities for observation.


Due to the limited availability of services and high demand, we recommend you to book your trip to Hudson Bay at least 6 months in advance. Otherwise, we may not find availability on the travel dates chosen by you.


We are a Tour Operator specialized in planning polar expeditions and tailor-made tours to Canada and for more than 15 years we have planned trips to Hudson Bay for polar bear and beluga watching.


Would you like to visit Hudson Bay during your next trip to Canada? Do not hesitate and contact us. One of our travel experts will reply your request as soon as possible.


Have a nice trip to Hudson Bay!

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